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Why hire a wedding planner?
We Save Time & Energy
We Save You $$
We keep you Organized & on track
We are the go-to person
We create timelines & layouts
We are Creative
We save relationships
We make Dreams into Reality
We know what works & what doesn't work :)
Creative Solutions
Minimize the Stress & Maximum the FUN!!

How do I know which wedding planner to choose?
Your wedding is a costly and highly emotional event. Because of this you should select a planner that you feel will be a partner that will understand you, your communication style, and will be true to your vision.

I have a clear vision and only need help in a few areas; does S & B Events offer that type of service?
We offer a wide range or services. Some brides may only need introductory consultation while another may want the ultimate in assistance. S & B  Events will gladly schedule a complimentary consultation and help you decide what services will meet your needs and budget.

I am worried that a wedding planner will not listen to my ideas, what if we disagree?
We work for you. Certainly we bring what we have found to be successful to you, but we want your celebration to be customized and to represent you. Your guests should arrive and think how much the events reflect the bride and groom, not who the planner was. In fact some of our favorite parts of past celebrations have come from our clients initial ideas!

Do you offer any free advice?
Yes! We love to provide tips and advice to all engaged couples. We know we can't work for everyone, but we want everyone to enjoy the planning process. We publish these tips on our blog, through email newsletters and we also offer free info sessions, usually once a quarter. The topics we teach are how to find your key vendors, key details of a wedding budget and stunning  reception details. Please visit our blog to subscribe to it and be sure to follow us on facebook .

Are all the photos on your website from weddings you've worked on?
Absolutely! We've been fortunate to work with many photographers and they have been kind enough to share their work with us.

I’m on a tight budget and don’t think I can afford a wedding planner.
In reality, you will often save money by hiring  S & B Events to help you plan the wedding. By having connections with various vendors, the savings can be passed on to you. A wedding planner can be worked into any budget, especially if the bride and groom are too busy to figure out the details. You are paying for peace of mind.

What if I only want help right before the big day?
S & B Events  offers our  “Stunning Day ”  planning package  that takes the last minute stress off of you. We will confirm all your vendors for the wedding and be available for the rehearsal and day of to coordinate all the activities.

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find the right location for my wedding.  Are there any unlisted locations?
As professional wedding planners,  S & B Events   has access to locations that are not advertised, private, or “members only.”  We can help you find the ideal place for your wedding day that will delight your guests since it’s someplace they have never visited before.

There are so many choices for vendors, how can I ensure I am hiring the right ones?
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the ads in magazines and online.  The photographer with the largest ad budget isn’t necessarily the one with the best work.  It is helpful and time saving to hire  S & B Events.  We only work with vendors that we stake our reputation on.  They have high quality work and top notch customer service.  Additionally, you don’t have to spend a month finding the perfect florist.  We set up your appointments and you can decide within days.

I don’t like negotiating, but I want to get the best price. How do I know I’m getting a fair deal?

There are many emotions during the wedding planning process, haggling for a good deal can be hard when you are so invested. S & B Events  will negotiate on your behalf to lower your costs and help cut fees that are often “add ons”.  We look through all the contracts to find ways to save you money.  We know how quickly it can add up.

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