Meet Lindsay { Myrtle Beach, SC }


With over two decades of experience in the event and wedding industry, Michelle Day started her passion for event planning with her management role at the YMCA. As her family grew to include 3 daughters, her passion for events also grew. She would leave the nonprofit and corporate world shortly after her 3rd daughter where she started her own event planning company for 13 years.  

Her passion for events would lead her and her family to make their dream move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where Michelle has continued her passion for  weddings & events with Stunning & Brilliant Events.

Michelle is known for her involvement in the community, always following her heart, dreams big and believes you can always “make lemonade out of all lemons”. Like the saying, as Michelle’s personal business was taking off, she had a daughter get very sick and go thru brain surgery. Eventually as one daughter was recovering, she had another daughter become sick with the same medical conditions. During the 2 years of medical treatment, Michelle never missed her events and still managed to go above and beyond for all her brides and clients.

She has always had a passion for organizing, planning and decorating...not just weddings! She especially loves working within a budget and making the most of every hard-earned dollar! Michelle has experience planning corporate events, themed parties and social gatherings! 


Her passion for events and compassion for families with sick kids would ultimately collide during this time of her life as she helped her three daughters start their own charity to give back to the community called “Cheer 4 Savannah”. She partnered with the NFL Bengal Cheerleaders and raised over 30,000+ toys for sick kids and a playground for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.



  • She loves shopping, traveling, running, Disney, anything girly 

  • She met her husband at the gym 

  • She enjoys unsweet tea & any kind of cobbler 

  • They have a guinea pig named Rocko 

  • Still has 4 best friends from elementary - high school

  • Favorite Store is Pottery Barn 

  • Her family is a huge supporter of Keto/ Clean Food Lifestyle

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